I’ve been working with Gastech for a number of years, starting with product packaging in 2015 which quickly morphed into document design, advertising concept development and online advertising content.

In 2018 the decision was made to refresh the Gastech visual identity, so we launched into it. After a consultative development process with all key stakeholders, the resulting brand image was applied across all brand touchpoints.

I engaged Doug’s services in 2014 as I was chasing someone who was a product packaging expert…well was I in for a treat!

Since that time Doug has worked on virtually all promotional aspects of our business from photo shoots, brochure creation, website strategy, social media strategy and content.

In 2017, we commenced a project to rebrand our business and reposition it. Throughout the process, Doug displayed an immense understanding and connection with our business and industry, he also displayed a deep respect for our desire to follow due process, and at no point did we feel pushed into a certain direction which can easily happen in re-branding exercises!  He understood what we needed and facilitated the correct path.  Our entire re-brand exercise was not only stress free, but executed on time and under budget, with a successful global launch in October 2018.

We could not be happier with our new brand and the assistance that Doug provided us in achieving it.

Jim Filov
General Manager, Gastech